Saturday, April 15, 2006

who's got the looks, who's got the brains, who's got everything?

i have never met a cool person.

i have known several people whom i have initially thought were cool, but as i came to know them, i realized that they were indeed normal people.

cool people are always doing something fun and have friends who are similarly continually interesting. certainly, they are cooler than you.
and they don't exist.
at least, not for longer than a day or two.

after knowing a supposed 'cool' person for more than a momentary meeting, time shines upon them like the midnight moon of cinderella's story and they transform into a regular person, like you and me.

i find myself at times living a normal life with my friends and my gaze drifts to other groups of people.
'surely they are more exciting and having more adventures than us,' i think.
everyone is different, to be sure, but as i watch for a few moments more or eavesdrop for a minute, reality reminds that people are people, and that they are not much different from the friends i have found over the years.

friends are good.
your friends are great.
the wanderer, searching for people who are more exciting than those he has at home, is chasing a mirage.

i do think kindness is cool.


-->jeff * said...

michelangelo talked about how each block of marble has the statue in it, and the sculpter's job is to find that and carve it.

i like the idea behind this post, but after several re-writes i still have not produced anything beyong a blocky and awkward form. i have not chiseled out the idea as i saw it in my mind.
that's really kind of bothering me.


Em said...

Don't you worry Jeff, blogging is a far more organic creative material than marble. You never have to be finished.

Anonymous said...

don't kick yourself too hard. your thought made perfect, poetic sense. I couldn't have said it better. ~m