Wednesday, January 22, 2014

the sunset of versaille

i left work at just the right time today. behind our building is "research park," a nice park that includes small lake witha bridge. i walked out the back door to the parking lot just as the sun was burning on the horizon below the clouds, and with the way it was reflecting off the lake it made for a beautiful scene.
i took a moment appreciate it, even snapped a picture on my phone, then got in my car.

as i was leaving research park, i noticed that everything about me was suddenly orange. i look to my left and saw what was probably the most beautiful sunset i have ever seen. we've all seen "beautiful sunsets" and have taken time to admire them. this was beyond that. this was a baroque sunset from the palace of versaille (this is seriously what it felt like this.) the clouds spread across the sky like a textured ceiling and the sunset covered them in brilliant fiery gold. they stretched as far as i could see across the texas landscape and everything was bathed in golden light for the moment.

that was it.
just a moment.

maybe two.

then the sky went back to being a just beautiful sunset and soon dusk settled in.
but for a few fleeting minutes, the sky was on fire with golden clouds.

and i saw it.

(this photo doesn't do it justice--not that photos ever do--but i stole it from my friend's facebook post because at least it was something.)

photo by macey pendergast