Friday, September 05, 2014

thesis work

i’m starting to discover what’s unique about thesis work: it’s something you’re interested in and, hopefully, something you actually want to be doing.
i’m working here at 11:30 on a friday night, not because it’s due on monday morning (it's not, although the start of a new school year is a constant reminder that i've been here too long, but because i’m curious about this and want to see what i can do.  

i find myself looking up articles and essays on stan brakhage and wishing i had time to read them, and then reminding myself that that is very much related to what I’m doing. it’s “research,” it just doesn’t feel that way because it’s something i really want to do, not ”something that i’m supposed to do for school.” 

all that being said, i am getting tired and should go home soon, but it’s only so i can get up tomorrow morning and come back here.