Tuesday, April 18, 2006

hitsville u.t.

while i have always known this, i have been more accutely aware of it lately::

i love to sing in my car.

i really do love it.

trips under an hour are highlights of my day no matter what else may be going on, as it gives me a chance to get on stage and perform.
travel longer than an hour generally starts to lose its lustre if i'm alone.

as far back as i can remember, i have had this attraction.

when we were assigned to do the dishes on certain nights way back in the day, i was fine as long as i had my little boombox and either that oldies tape or the 'ghostbusters 2' soundtrack. it took me roughly the length of the tape to finish the kitchen no matter how much work there was because that provided me with '[your love's lifting me] higher and higher' as a finale.

in junior high, the mirror in my room may as well have been an amphitheater of thousands.

in high school, for my 17th birthday i think, jamie made me a mixed tape called 'senor cow's extravaganza of fun.' it played
continuously in 'the millenium icebox', my '86 dodge caravan. that was when becky and i first became friends. it was where we gave rides to all who were going from seminary to moorhead senior high in the cold mornings, and all were encouraged to sing along as best they knew.

and now my honda is a glorious auditorium. usually i keep the volume at a casual level and sing as my mind ponders the impoderables. but there are times when i push the volume just a little more and give it all that's in me.
it is so choice.

it's one of the things that makes me happy.

you are welcome to sing along.

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