Thursday, April 20, 2006

today is ruby tuesday

and dont' forget
to give me back
my black backpack!!

lamus, man.

i'm getting ready for another good two or three days with cosmic pictures [we're praying for three days], going through all of my gear and making sure everything is up to snuff and prepped [not as cool as it sounds--i make sure the tape rolls on my belt are full].
this forces me to finally get the boots and shizazz out of my car, which have been there since that morning i drove home half asleep from odgen.

piling it all into my room, i began straightening the piled mess, only to notice that my trusted diddy bag was gone.
the 'diddy bag' is the camera assistant's bag of tricks, all the odds and ends that aren't used immediately enough to warrant a spot on the belt, but nevertheless useful and precious.

and my bag is missing.
this really rots.

i searched all over and under my room, every possible spot in my honda, called and attempted to e-mail anyone on the 'unaccompanied minors' shoot who may have it.
and no avail.

does the 2nd unit producer have it?
did it get left in the camera trailer and wind up with the first unit camera guys?
or is it somewhere in my house?
maybe i've been staring at it without even recognizing it?
no clue.

i should fine for the shoot, but it stinks all the same.

fortunately, 'sheep go to heaven' is playing as i type, and that makes me feel better.

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Em said...

Sorry about your bag Jeff... I hope it turns up.

And I love how you love Ben Folds.