Friday, April 14, 2006

i bought a book

while jane austen mocks me...

years ago, the byu bookstore sold a nicely bound one-volume set of the collected works of jane austen in the bargain section. i considered buying it, as classy-looking cultured things attract me, but i was too busy making movies and reading harry potter.

after the jane austen festival at the international cinema earlier this year, i have been interested in reading the sources. unfortunately, the lovely edition was no longer to be seen in the bookstore. i asked the nice man at the desk and he said they were on back order, but would arrive at sometime.

this is why i generally buy something if i want it--i am disciplined enough in my spending that i find myself regretting
not buying something much more often than i regretting buying.

i waited a few more weeks to no avail. i should have bought it back in the day, as they now seemed out of print.
happily, i found a copy of the book from a third party seller on amazon, promising it to be 'new' and for roughly the same price at the bookstore, plus shipping.

so i bought it.

a few days later i noticed another 'like new' copy listed for a fraction of what i paid for it.

a little frustrating, but i didn't let it get to me.

and now i walk through the bookstore and see stacks of the collection, brand new, just as promised by the trustworthy bookman.

dang it.

but today my package came in the mail [in light of the snow boots incident a few weeks ago, i am continually amazed at how much can actually fit in that small mailbox].
my book is new and pristine, and i am smiling.

'the family of dashwood had been long settled in sussex...'

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Alyssa Rock said...

I had an English professor who said that reading Jane Austen is like looking at an intricately painted egg: the canvas on which the artist works is just soooo small. "Where do they find the patience to create such tiny, intricate details?"

So, I respect that about Jane Austen. But respect is sometimes different from liking. I've never been able to make it all the way through a Jane Austen novel. They drive me nuts, frankly. They just seem so trivial. (You're certainly welcome to disagree with me. Many have.)

That being said, I do enjoy the films for the most part. I like Emma because of the way the editing establishes an ironic, humorous stance towards her character.