Saturday, April 08, 2006


this week really hasn't existed for me.
monday was a 'normal' day, i think. at least i was done with 'beyond' and had some semblance of reality. then tuesday i got called up to ogden in the middle of the day, worked all through the night, and slept all the next day: tuesday and wednesday are down.
thursday was spent at the temple and then editing our family home evening movie.

i really love editing. a friend of ours has a top of the line editing system that could just as easily handle a full-length feature and let us use it to edit our silly little fhe mockumentary. it's dumb and silly and is amusing to no one but those in our ward, but that's its only target.
and i had a ton of fun working until 2:30 in the morning, cuttig it all together, trimming every shot down to just the essentials, and adding music--i doubt this is the first time the beastie boys have played at a family home evening, and 'sabotage' really brought the energy that the scene needed.
we spent six more hours working on it on it yesterday.

and i left from editing [hoping our dvd was burning correctly] to meet my sister and our friends down at 'little sahara', somewhere near nephi, where they were going camping.
out in the middle of nowhere during the chaotic climax of oingo boingo's 'no one lives forever' i found myself really flying, hitting around 90 mph.
and then i wondered:
'i'm only a few mph's away from 100.....'
the music was perfect for it, but i didn't get it.

an hour and $8 down at little sahara, i wondered what we were thinking when we figured i would just 'find them' in a campground at night.

on the way home later that night, during the middle of paul oakenfold's 'traveling', i hit 101 mph. probably not a good habit to get into [and it was tempting to try it again], but i felt kind of cool.

today even flew by, as i was shooting baseball games most of the day. this is really a rad job. doing portraits requires more work and doesn't pay as well. but when it's just me out on the field with a big fatty lens, ton o' fun.
generally i try to get five good pictures of each kid at bat and five of them out in the field. pitchers are especially great, as you just get behind the catcher during a warm-up and fire off a burst of 7 as they throw: no mother can resist it.
the older kids [9+] are fun to do because they are actually getting semi-good at the sport, meaning there are cool plays to capture and all that jazz.
and to be honest, the younger groups have some fun stuff in there too.

doing the five-year olds is another world. here, you go for cuteness and nothing else. the games are an encyclopedic entry for 'organized chaos.'
but it's fun chaos, and some of the kids are so cute i think i might buy some of the pictures.

i have no idea why this post is all underlined. i can't get the function to turn off.

na-na na na-na na na way-0
na-na na na-na na na way-0

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