Monday, April 10, 2006

afraid of the dark

i got my pictures back from the bookstore today.
as has been in my experience in shooting at night before, the pictures are actually brighter than i thought they'd be. i really should have underexposed by another stop. i was worried they'd be too dark and murky.

funny how much more difficult it is when you can't see the subject when you're shooting, even though the lighting doesn't change.

the other catch that comes with self-portraiture is focus.
in the conditions on my doorstep and in my car, the depth of field [the space that is actually in focus] is only a few inches. which means that when i focused to my empty car seat and then sat in it and leaned forward, i get a little soft.

the exposure isn't really a problem, and i can get away with the soft focus.
there are some compositions that i really like. in short, i have about 4-5 ok pictures out of the roll, which is what i was hoping for.

i think i will frame them in a set of 4.

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