Tuesday, April 04, 2006

we only come out at night

my mind loosens in the night hours, usually around 11 or midnight, depending. i become more emotional, which, obviously, brings with it both advantages and detractions. i have learned not to write e-mails during this time, although it is often when i write in my journal and also when i am more artistically inclined. a lot of my best photographs have come in the wee hours of the morning.

last night i came back from macy's around 11:30 and looked at the light on my doorstep and how it came into the car and got some ideas. i sat there for probably ten minutes, singing along to an unusual amount of good songs on the radio and thinking about what i could do with this.

i also wished i had either had some film in my house [i found some, but it was all black and white, and i wanted color], and contemplated the advantages to having a digital camera at a time like this.

a phone call to my confused neighbor across the street yielded no film, so i went back to macy's and debated whether the generic western family film was really $2 inferior to the kodak 'professional' stuff. i decided $2 was negligible when i comes to art.

and so me and my beloved light meter and my tiny little tripod were out shooting self-portaits on my doorstep from about 12:30-1:20 last night. i had to guess on focus and i worry that my exposure may not quite be what i wanted. while i can look at the light and take the readings, without the subject [me] sitting there, it's hard to know really what i'm aiming for.

the byu bookstore charges quite a bit more than wal-mart does and that isn't even for 1-hour.

so we'll find out tomorrow.

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