Thursday, April 27, 2006

my grey matter

sigh..... i've had essays and thoughts and commentaries all that i wanted to write, and i smiled as i got to the fifth floor and saw it completely empty. after all, who in their right mind would come to the library on a day like today?

but i have gotten caught up in instant messaging and can't think much beyond a few lines. just talking with someone was enough of an emotional release that now i haven't the pressure to write well [i wasn't angry before, but i have lost the artistry to say what i was going to say].

so today is a post of shorts:

our 'scortday' party last night was of adequate success. we had four of the original ten members there last night. the first apple beer party was three years ago

i can't get enough oingo boingo. i'm fighting the temptation to unplug my headphones and just dance up here

my sister has been getting comments that she looks like 'kate' off 'lost'

i think the real reason for the honor code rule of not going back into girls' rooms is that it destroys the image we have that they are always clean and pretty. helping my sister clean and move out today, my ideals were shattered

our vegas trip will be fun tomorrw; i wish we could have found one more person to come

i shot baseball portraits for an hour or so last night; i don't know if i was out of the groove or if it was because the kids had been waiting too long, but i had a hard, hard time getting many good smiles

i just found out that paul reubens did do the voice for 'max' in 'flight of the navigator' and that he's a member of the church of the subgenius

we're going to japan in three weeks

why does 1+1=11?
why not 1+1=2

i want to buy a homsar t-shirt

looking over my posting titles, i think they suggest a more interesting essay than they usually deliver. there are some exception, though

i'm also thinking of buying a new pair of pumas with my next paycheck--what's happened to me?? what about that collection of samurai movies i wanted to buy??

there were two rare books on ebay that i've wanted to get for a long time, but with internet down at my place, i missed them entirely. life is hard, people

my favorite elvis song is 'burning love'

i hope this post shows a lack of quality from the rest. if it doesn't, i'm going to be a little disappointed.

final word: the first person to identify that 3-d image gets righteous pride and bragging rights for the rest of the weekend. i think it's one of the cooler ones i've seen.

post script:: i find it interesting that mle also posted today mostly in sentances [vs. paragraphing]. yet i cannot use the hormonal pregnant lady excuse.


Tim said...


Any more questions?


Em said...

Mr. Jeff,

Before you take off for Japan, can you find out what the status is for Dean Duncan and do your darndest to reassure him that we think he rocks?! I will be so stinking sad and upset if he leaves BYU! - Fire in my eyes.

=] Bekah said...


Now, you can't expect girls to be clean when they've just finished finals, are moving 2 years worth of junk out of their apartment, and are trying to leave for Vegas the next morning. Hope your trip was pretty much great!

Dane said...

HOO HOO HOO HOO!!!!! ARRUUU!!! Huzzahh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's a lot of exclamation points. You, Jeff, are the man! Glad that you come up on Google...