Wednesday, April 26, 2006

i fought the law and the law won

Now I'm gonna ask you a bunch of
quick questions I've come up with
that more of less tell me what kind

of person I'm having dinner with.

My theory is that when it comes to

important subjects, there's only

two ways a person can answer. For

instance, there's two kinds of

people in this world, Elvis people

and Beatles people. Now Beatles

people can like Elvis. And Elvis

people can like the Beatles. But

nobody likes them both equally.

Somewhere you have to make a

choice. And that choice tells me

who you are.

i'm a beatles person.

last night at 1:11 a.m. i saw an infomercial that i worked on last winter. with all that i've worked on, i rarely see the finished product, so it was fun to see this.
that shoot was rather insignificant except for one comment that changed a lot about how i work.
one of the electricians was a big guy named fritz, whom i haven't seen since.
he was carrying a light when i asked him for a 'stinger' for my monitor [that's what we call extension cords]. he set his light down and went to get me a stinger and i explained to him that i didn't need it right that instant.
he smiled and said, 'we're all working on the same movie.'

that has sculpted my view on working with people more than any other single phrase that i can think of, and i have tried to pass it along.
i don't think fritz even thought twice about what he said.

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