Monday, April 24, 2006

what's so amazing that keeps us stargazing?

i keep a notepad of blog ideas, thoughts that i would like to write up here as essays on days when i haven't anything else to say.

tonight as i sit in the crowded library amidst all the students working hard for the final days of the semester, i haven't anything to say, yet there is something anxious inside of me and i don't know what.

i'm working on a half day of pick-up shots for the trax commercial tomorrow, bumped up to 1st a.c., and am going in in the morning to familiarize myself with the equipment. both me and cosmic are happy to have me available as a 1st, should they need me again.
i don't think i'm nervous too much about that.

a friend's dad is coming to stay in beej's room for a week starting tomorrow. i need to finish cleaning the bathroom sometime tonight, but i don't think that's bothering me much, either.

maybe it's just that i had a list of things to do today [see above] and it all fell into this evening--currently it's 11:01 and i'm in the library because internet at my place is still defunct.

i feel off balance right now.
i feel like i had my balance but i've lost it.
i haven't fallen, but i'm working to keep from it.

did '24' stress me out tonight? maybe i just got caught up in it.
we are losing a few of our founding members, but we also gained another watcher or two tonight.

i recently thought of a proverb, 'you can't eat an unbaked cake', and i think it to be wise counsel, except that i was offered a partially baked cake last night from my former service co-chair who has an odd sort of luck with baking oddities, and this was pretty good.
but i still think the proverb holds.
proverbally speaking, that is.

i recently got oingo boingo's 'boi-ngo' cd and it is my current cd of the week.
it will probably be the last cd of theirs i buy, as those that i don't have are 'weird.'
for the record, i think 'dead man's party' is the quintessential oingo boingo cd.

and that's all i have to say.
so i will now probably head back to my place, finish cleaning the bathroom [i did the shower on saturday, and i will do a testimonial commercial stating my love for 'scrubbing bubbles.' they work miracles], and rebuild a diddy back to make sure i am prepared for tomorrow. it's only a few shots [i've been told 3-4 shots, i'm expecting 6-8] but i want to be prepared for anything--this is my first impression as a first.

our vegas trip this weekend is falling short on attendance, which is a little disheartening.

maybe it's because i had dinner at the malt shoppe tonight.
i'm glad i had a very healthy lunch.

i could use a hug from a girl other than my sister.

thank you for listening.


Em said...

Happy to listen, and to send cyber-girl-hugs.

A lot of the times when I get inexplicably anxious it's because I've been keeping myself too busy to have any meaningful, meditative introspection... and my inner self if clammoring for attention.

Beej said...

And what's the hug you got from Whitney on Sunday, eh? Not good enough for Jeff if the girl sits in his arms for 10 mins???

So what if she went home with me, she didn't have much of a choice, 5 year olds can't drive themselves home.

-->jeff * said...

i think you may have something there, em.... certainly my inner self is quite spoiled, and if my attention is elsewhere for more than a few hours, he gets cranky.

Tim said...

I'm left with two thoughts:

You can, and frankly, I do, eat unbaked cakes; they're very tasty, actually. (though it's more of a drink at that point)

The reason we're so amazed by the stars is because the Greeks and such thought that they were heavens, hence the name "celestial mechanics" given to the science that determines their mechanical motion. I could go on more, but it becomes a rant at this point.

I should probably go shower now... hmm...