Friday, May 19, 2006

wonderful night

the house is asleep while i am up in the basement, typing away here and there.

i have spent the day doing things that i did not plan on doing, namely massaging my computer. i have mentioned my faithful and dying computer before, and rather than simply wiping it clean and rebuilding it, my dad saw an excuse to buy me windows xp. now it's like having a new computer [which is good, because i may be depleting my macbook pro fund, depending on what happens in the next few months]; it works smoothly, looks cool, and can gloriously run itunes. that means that i can sync my little ipod shuffle to my own computer.
it also means that i spent much of the day working on getting that all to work, and then a long and messy story involving a downloaded song; much of this could have been avoided had i brough the necessary connections to talk with the internet.
but i didn't.

however, i did send my sister [still in utah] over to sneak into my house and find all necessary internetable connectables, as it looks like we may have access in japan.

the weather is great here [looks to be raining in kyoto all next week], i'm mostly packed [did some laundry, as my homsar shirt was smelling unidentifyably funny yesterday], and my goal before bed is to make sure i can get us from point A [the narita airport] to point B [the tokyo conrad hotel].

rhubarb is the quintessential minnesota summertime food. you are welcome to stop by and enjoy a rhubarb bar anytime you like.
and i think max looks like simba.

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