Tuesday, May 09, 2006


good thing: i got a new magic trick in the mail yesterday

bad thing: i haven't been able to figure it out yet

good thing: i also got a cd i ordered yesterday [because i think fatboy slim's 'wonderful night' a pretty awesome despite me not being able to dance to it]

bad thing: i ordered the 'clean' version. i most certainly did not get the said version

good thing: i got my homsar t-shirt today

good thing: i look good in my homsar t-shirt; it's going to be in japan in a week and a half

bad thing: i have some sort of cold or flu and don't really care for that
; i ran out of kleenex last night and can't taste anything

good thing: last night's fhe was planned to just be a casual evening of sidewalk chalk art; i love how a group of college kids can take something so simple and make it so darn fun

good thing: i watched 'jerry mcguire' this morning as i lay on the couch being sick; em, that's one more movie that has a realistic but positive view of marriage after the ceremony. a complicated story, and/but/therefore a good one

good thing: i'm feeling good enough to go shoot two baseball games this afternoon


Em said...

I remember liking JM the first time I saw it for that very reason. Only just like non-already-married person romances.... the happy part didn't come until the end of the movie... and then it ended. So there's no "how to sustain a happy marriage"-ness going on. Does that make any sense? Films never delve into the semantics of "staying in love is hard but important work".....

Off the soapbox.

Hope you are feeling better soon. I'd bring you more kleenex if I lived anywhere nearby.

PS - would it be wierd if I had Christina invite you to my baby shower May 20th? You probably have work or something.... but so far there will be at least 4 other guys there..... including Mr. Renn.

-->jeff * said...

well, as long as we're discussing this here....

first, i agree with your sentiments on said tom cruise movie. you would do dean proud [i will look into his plight, by the way].

2. actually, christina called me last week and invited me to your baby shower; once the initial bafflement wore off, an interesting feeling of honor and gratitude flooded, and i was really excited to go to a baby shower [life moves pretty fast; you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it!] and was crestfallen to find that it is on the same day that i will be flying from occident to orient.

so, should calamity strike and the gala be pushed back to june, count me all the way. otherwise, i will send you a postcard.

thank you once again for the invitation-that's really cool.