Monday, May 15, 2006

a cat named frankenstein

i've been to the osaka restaurant on center street in provo a handful of times over the years. the food is generally authentic and i have been there past closing on a few occasions. but they continued to serve us and it's generally a very cool place.
i did have a really not good piece of mackerel sushi, though.

that was really, really not very good.

one of the detractions of having internet availability restricted to moments of being the library is that, often, those 'moments of clarity' that produce worthwhile reading happen outside of the hbll.
i suppose i could jot them down on a notepad.

it is interesting to me how, some days, the passion and creativity seem to be bursting from my mind like athena from the skull of zeus [whether or not that is a legitimate thought is really up to you], and other days there is little pressure behind any legitimate idea. yet i have noticed that, regardless of the force at which the raw material eminates, without sculpting and editing, the quality suffers.

in less than a week, i will be in japan.
wow. i never really thought that would come, but now that it is in the immediate horizon, i'm starting to realize that it's happening.
my japanese has atrophied severely, and while it is a lovely country where you can get by in english without much difficulty, knowing the language is always useful.
i don't know how readily available internet access is, but i hope it will be prevailent enough that i can keep this updated, as i'm sure there will be plenty to write about.

it is a warm and beautfiul day outside, i got my new camera lens this morning, and there are few things on the green earth that make me smile like seeing ducks.

happy 21 in st. g--may you enjoy your apple beer.


Em said...

Jeff I hope you have all kinds of fun in Japan! Please do your best to post your adventures.... even if you have to write them down and post them later!

L'Afro said...

Thanks. I did.