Tuesday, May 02, 2006

the trouble with dreams

i decided to put up a new bio, but liked the original and have preserved it here for generations to come.

i like being from minnesota, hope men will again wear hats like they did in the forties, and wish i went snowboarding more; i think leaving notes for people is fun, believe that bill murray should have won 'best actor' in 2003, and am very happy with my senior yearbook picture; i like plays and movies that make my eyes water simply because they are cool and beautiful, talking with people about things they love, and watching conan o'brien because he has fun with dumb things and is always respectful of his guests; i am amazed at how frustrations disappear when we are honest, marvel at watching a techno dj spin yet have no interest in the rest of the club culture, and like to wear nice clothes but rarely buy them for myself; i get nervous about getting in and out of cars on dates, not knowing when awkward placement overrides getting the door for the girl; i love playing 'the great dalmuti' with my family with hats, have worn generally the same style of shoe since my sophomore year in high school, and like girls who desire righteousness; i enjoy subtlty and unspoken understandings, am a sucker for anything on the criterion collection, and wish that flowers were given more often;

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