Monday, May 08, 2006


"the sun-bonneted woman...who smiles on every box of sun-maid raisins was a real person,' writes victoria woeste in audacity magazine. 'her name was lorraine collett and in 1915 she was sitting in her front yard letting her hair dry before participating in fresno's first raisin day parade. a sun-maid executive was passing by and was struck by the sight. he had a photographer come take her picture, then had artist fanny scafford paint the picture from it.' all collett made from it was a $15 modeling fee and a bit part in a 1963 film called trail of the lonesome pine. the original bonnet is now in the smithsonian."

['uncle john's giant 10th anniversary bathroom reader', p.23]

yesterday someone told me that i look like ben folds.


Em said...

Ah, I can see it... but for me it's more like Ben Folds looks a little bit like you....

And my Uncle says I looked more like the Raisin Lady when I was about 14 with long frizzy hair.

-->jeff * said...

well, i didn't know you at 14, so i can't say, but i really can't see you looking like miss sun-maid.
in all honesty, i would cast the vote for you and miss hepburn before the raisin girl.

as for mr. folds looking like me, i will pass it should i ever meet him.

it does give me more motivation to learn the piano [and to someday 'rock' it]

Chris said...

Check out what this guy did with his Ben Folds-like appearance... Also check out the other "missions" I think you'd really like them.