Wednesday, May 03, 2006

the last great movie

i'm somewhat selective about what movies i watch, and as a result don't see many really dumb movies. occassionally, i'll see a 'great' movie, one that rises above the throng.

last night i watched 'big trouble'. not a great movie, but a good movie that i thoroughly enjoyed. i think i saw one preview for it once but never really knew when it was in theaters. it's a great ensamble movie, with a lot of fun actors and four or five groups of characters consistantly intercrossing; as my roommate described it, 'like a softer version of 'snatch'.'
the movie falls short of a greatness, althought it is difficult to pinpoint why. but it maintained its kinetic pace for the entire story, keeping it's pandemonium rhythm consistantly entertaining, which is entirely noteworthy in itself. and it made me laugh, which doesn't happen as much when i'm alone for some reason. not surprisingly, it was directed by the same guy who shot 'raising arizona.'
in short, i recommend it.

the last great movie i saw was 'all about eve'.
before that, it was 'saving private ryan.'

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Em said...

Ooh - thanks for being an "All about Eve" fan - that makes you that much cooler than you already were.

And don't feel bad, the last film that really knocked my socks off was "Blue", even though I've seen plenty of "good" films since.