Friday, May 05, 2006

old norfair

the clouds look forboding outside, but there's no rain yet, so i will head up to american fork to photograph two little league games.

i interviewed for a job as a 'design consultant' at bassett furniture today. not sure if i'll get it, but i'm not sure if i want it. 'design consultant' is a fancy way of saying 'glorified furniture salesman'. but at least it's glorified.

i recently started using windows media player [instead of musicmatch] so that my playlist would appear on my instant messenger, and i am amazed at how much better the sound quality is. songs sound so much cleared on wmp.
who knew?


Em said...

Golly Jeff, if you put it that way, I'm just a glorified phone-answerer....

-->jeff * said...

but is it so bad to be glorified?