Wednesday, May 17, 2006

my brilliant career

on monday night i saw the u.t.a trax commercial that we shot a few weeks ago. it looks good, and it's always nice to see something i have worked on make it to the finish line [granted, i loaded the film and changed the lenses, but i take pride in my work, and they gave me a free hoodie].

jared hess mentioned to me that '[my] mug pops up a few times' on the new 'napoleon dynamite' dvd. now i'm really tempted to buy it, because i don't know what would get me on there....

that picture up there was printed in usa today; see that guy on the left way in the background, looking down to write on the slate?

that's me.

1 comment:

Em said...

Yeah for small glimpses of being recognized by the world!

(Remind me again why I worked on P&P instead of Napoleon that summer? It sounds like Napoleon was a SIGNIFICANTLY better experience for the crew..... I must have been nuts).