Thursday, October 20, 2011

an open letter to the universe

dear expanse::

so... what happened?  i was poised and ready to face the disaster that was supposed to be yesterday.  the night before i had about two and a half hours of sleep, having been up all night working on homework, going to bed with much of it still less finished than i wanted, and the one assignment that i did complete was done only by plowing it through it at a reckless pace, keeping my sights focused only on sleep.

i was expecting a nightmare of a day.

instead, i got to class (relatively) on time.  the finished homework was favorably received by an otherwise somewhat irritable teacher.  the lump of partially finished work turned out to be good enough for what was needed.  i managed to remain acceptably coherent throughout my time at school.  meetings went well.  i was productive at work.

i even managed to be home by 7:00 and spent the evening doing things pertaining to my life outside of the viz lab that have needed my attention for a long time.

it was even cold enough today that i could legitimately wear a hoodie and enjoy it.  that was very kind of you.

now, yes, the line for that cinnamon roll i wanted this morning was long enough to look like a new harry potter book was about to be released.  that was a disappointment.  yes, i found out the showing of world on a wire has somehow been cancelled from austin this weekend.  also a disappointment.

but, overall, universe, you showed admirable restraint today.

and, um, thank you.


-->jeff *


kwistin said...

i don't know why i love this so dang much. then again, maybe i do...

first off, i love the first and last lines.

secondly, the concept (and the good chi that this day acquired for you).

all the thirdly stuff just goes into the natural plox that has come to be expected in this blog; the entertainment, stellar conversational writing, and the jeff-ness that shines through.


funny how sometimes, when we go into a fight with our fists up, the match gets cancelled in favor of a good old fashioned fuzzy or two.

The Former 786 said...

Looks like someone's been saying their morning prayers. :)

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