Tuesday, October 04, 2011

the hand that feeds

last wednesday i was really frustrated for a lot of reasons.
as soon as we were released from class that morning, i asked my friend if the rec center had a punching bag.
"need to release some stress?" he smiled.
i stammered, trying to think of a clever answer.
"yes," i admitted.
"yeah, i think they do."

i left the viz lab in an attempt to just wander around campus, since i felt a little sheepish about using a punching bag (specifically, not knowing how to use one and the fear of coming off looking silly.)  yet i somehow ended up at the rec center and asked the girl at the front desk if they had one.  she directed me to the second floor and, thankfully, there was no one else using it.

i didn't have the song i wanted on my ipod but streamed it on my phone (welcome to the future) and hit it.
it felt good.
i did it again and again.
it felt better and better.

actually, my thumb hurt and i wasn't sure on the proper way to make a fist (do i tuck my thumb inside my fingers?  that seemed to work), but i pounded the bag and loved it.

after four songs my wrists really hurt and my knuckles were a little bloody, but i felt wonderful.  i left the rec understanding why people wrap their hands in tape before hitting the bag.

back in the lab, i looked up punching bag techniques online (it's called a "heavy bag," fyi) and learned that i should have been using hand wraps and gloves.  that sounded a lot more comfortable and after a little more research that evening, bought me some of each.  because not only is it a good workout, it feels great, and this is the first time i've ever found myself wanting to get back into the gym....

yesterday i tried out my new wraps and gloves.  granted, listening to general conference on the way to the rec didn't quite get me in the mood, but i'd made myself a "heavy bag" playlist and used the workout that was provided with my gloves.  in 20 minutes i was done with the exercises and savoring the endorphins.
when i was back at the rec later that evening for dance practice : ) i saw a guy pummeling the bag without any gloves.  to each his own, i guess.
i like this.


kwistin said...

this is a morning where i wish i could pummel a punching bag. but it would only exacerbate my already pounding headache....

punch some for me.

glad you've found an awesome outlet. : )

Becky said...

I think in the marines they teach you to punch with your thumbs out, otherwise you could break them--but don't quote me on that one (because we all know I'm not in the marines--heard it in Thailand from one of the other volunteers). But maybe it's the other way around. Just check, so you don't break your thumbs, k? Happy punching

The Former 786 said...

GAH! I can't remember the movie, but there's a scene where a kid makes a fist and a man gets after him and says he should never tuck his thumb inside his fist because it could break them. So, keep your thumbs out.

Also, it's gonna drive me nuts until I figure out what movie that is.