Friday, October 21, 2011

dark globe

photo by donnie ray jones
i spent a good portion of my evening walking around campus.  during the day, it's a rather bland complex of blocky, beige sandstone buildings.  but at night, and if you know the right places to go, i've decided that there are some rather beautiful and romantic spots around here.  there the big stone steps and towering columns of the building that i work in, where you can look out over the courtyard that welcomes people to a&m, with orange street lamps lighting the tree-lined paths.  or there's the low-lit alumni building with its benches and the neighboring park.  and next to it is a large bubbling fountain, glowing late at night.

as i leaned against the stone steps of the administration building and looked up at the stars, i thought of how, wherever she is, she's under those same stars.


Em said...

You make me proud, Jeff. And not everyone manages that.

Em said...

ps there's someone I want you to meet. Not necessarily romantically, though that'd be fine too. But I think you two should know each other.

If nothing else, you share an inexplicable fondness for a certain Muppet musical.

Em said...

pps - check out her series on Delsarte - from an animation pov.

The Former 786 said...

I used to love walking around BYU campus in the dark. Nothing creepy, just walking around and "enjoying the silence," as Depeche Mode would say.