Wednesday, October 19, 2011

memento mori

couldn't think of any picture to use
for this post, so here's some gnarly
chicken i saw at a state fair once
i had a brief visit with my bishop this evening.  nothing serious or heavy; he just wanted to see how i was doing.  he noted that "little things are little things, but, done faithfully, they become pivotal choices."  (or something like that)  then i got in my car and ac/dc was on the radio.  as i was singing loudly to "she shook me all night long" i wondered if i was trying to play both sides of the fence, trying to serve two masters here.  but it was a two-for-tuesday and "thunderstruck" followed.  i turned it up even louder.

i can't understand how i can be at school for 15 hours a day and still be behind in all of my classes.  and i've only got three classes.  well, five, but i'm doing ok in rock climbing and country dance.  my polka test didn't go as well as my waltz test, but still.

i've thought about how so many of us work so hard and never let ourselves be good enough when i'm not even sure who we're trying to impress.  i think that might be related to what i just said above.  the "at school for 15 hours a day" sounds like i'm trying to be the best, but being "behind in all of my classes" seems to suggest that i'm not worried about impressing anyone.  a man of contradictions, i.

we had a movie night last friday.  we watched "the shining" (hence the post) and while one of the scariest movies ever made scared no one even just a little, it felt great to get up in front of everyone and introduce a movie again.  we talked afterwards.  some girls stayed late and i taught them how to waltz.

next movie night: "a hard day's night."

i managed to dodge a few bullets on monday in terms of homework and its unfinishedness.  but those classes are coming up again tomorrow.  i miss sleeping, writing, and seeing people.

my bosses at work today told me, "we weren't expecting you to be such an excellent writer when we hired you."

in research for our animation project, me and a friend watched an amazing movie following residents in an retirement home.  we got plenty of notes about how the elderly move and react but it also caused me to think about a lot of much bigger questions.

uncharacteristically, the library didn't have the movie but it was available on hulu plus and .edu email addresses get you a week's free membership.  that means i have a wealth of criterion movies and arrested development episodes on demand.  if i had any free time, it would be filled up with that.

i'm loving that the highs are out of the 80s for the week.

in provo, i ate in-n-out as often as i could justify.  here, it's layne's chicken.  $5 for a box of chicken.  and it's right across the street from school.  best thing ever.


kwistin said...

we watched a criterion movie yesterday in cynthia's class. i thought of you.

that is one gnarly chicken.

The Former 786 said...

I'm glad to hear that you're starting movie night up again. I love when I get to introduce new, great movies to a group of people. It's so much fun. And The Shining didn't scare any of them? Seriously?

Also, I'm pretty sure that movie would make me cry too much.