Tuesday, October 11, 2011

gingers have no soul

my rock climbing class may very well be what's keeping me sane this semester.
my schedule is such that i have viz classes only on monday and wednesday, which sounds like a bit of a dream (and it might be, except that work fills in all of the gaps pretty well.)  the catch to that is that that means i have three masters class's worth of work due all on the same day.  and so monday deadlines chew up my weekends pretty well and mondays still come too fast.

as a result, i'm usually already fighting the universe by monday afternoon (current score: jeff: 5,382,908,238, universe: 873,256,072.  yes, i'm winning by a lot, but it takes effort) and tuesday mornings find me tired and lethargic (at best.)
but endorphins are awesome and at 10 a.m., i'm in the rec, lacing up my climbing shoes and learning more about footwork or how to tie a new knot.

out climbing with jess (different jess) on saturday, i found my new favorite route.  named "gingers have no soul", it's a 5.8, which is about my skill level right now.  but it's a dang lot of fun.  it's on the main wall, which has a special surface to make it feel more like granite, so that's cool.  and about a third the way it has a significant overhang, which allows for some underarm gripping and, i'll be honest, is a real bugger to get over.  that took me two tries on saturday but it was my last climb, so i was mostly spent.
this morning i attacked it with all i could (after conquering another route i couldn't get on saturday) and made it further than i did before but have yet to get it.  still, i love it.
and now i have a goal.
next week....

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The Former 786 said...

Ha! I'm glad you're keeping score. Keep that gap wide, Jeff. Don't let the universe sneak up on you.

Also, why is the route named that?