Wednesday, October 05, 2011


when i was a kid, i once asked my dad if he thought the newspaper would do a story on me if i stayed awake for 24 hours straight.  he smiled and said probably not, that people do it all the time, especially in college.  (i was going to make a comment about the fargo forum having such mild news to cover that they might actually do the story, but it's actually still my favorite newspaper of anywhere i've ever lived, so i'm not going to do that)

i don't have any specific recollection of doing that in college (not even from film shoots, and certainly not from studying), although it happened a handful of times during my career as a camera guy (still kind of strange to have that not be my life anymore) and has certainly happened in graduate school.  and tonight it seems that i will be having my inaugural all-nighter of the semester.

i was about to list all that i have done today to show how incredibly hard-working i am, but reason came to me and i remembered that my blog readership includes a couple of very dedicated artists and numerous mothers of young children, all of whom work much harder on much less sleep than i do.

so i'm going to try to crank out some glitching animation and maybe sneak in an hour or two of sleep before class.


Em said...

so considerate......

LJ said...

Thanks! I 'preciate it.

Also: I think the longest I ever did was 40 hours at a stretch, and I was ready to go another 10 until Tiffany banished me to bed.

The Former 786 said...

If I get less than 6, my eyes don't work right.

Here's to hoping you get some well-deserved make-up shut-eye time soon, Jeff.