Sunday, October 09, 2011

the burden of debt

"time is money," we often hear.  usually it's from some uptight lamer that you want to kick.  but working on film sets, i sometimes thought about that.  a lot of being on a set is spent waiting around.  and every person there is being paid, so the longer you take to light the scene or waiting for the picture cow to show up even though you're filming on a dairy farm, the more money it's all costing you.

great.  that's probably something you learn in your first week of undergrad business management classes.

but if we can be in debt with money, it seems we can also be in debt with time.
in fact, i'm pretty sure we can, because i'm pretty sure i am.  i came home on friday night in hopes to grab some food before heading back to the battlefields against my green-screen compositing program.  the house was full of roommates and friends, gathered around eating pizza and watching the byu football game.  i would have loved to join them but had no time.  i had this assignment (which was already late) and enough work to do for my two other classes that i knew i would have another busy weekend.

financial debt constricts us so that we can't buy what we want, that the money we earn immediately goes to paying off debt and we are still left with little or nothing at all.  it seems that the same can happen with time; that we can have so much to do that days off and weekends are immediately negated by the need to get caught up in everything else.  this is a little frustrating, since i don't remember ever having been particularly careless with my time.  i don't have any time-credit cards that i maxed out, yet the collection agencies seem to be hounding me just the same.

i'm hoping to improve this.  because i would like to spend time with my roommates (they seem like nice people...) and to get to know the girls who are often hanging out with them.

at any rate, this has made me more appreciative for the sabbath day.  my friends at school can't understand how i'm even getting by in school when i don't do any work on sunday.  without this day off, where i don't even think about homework, i wouldn't be surviving at all.


Em said...

Renn refusing to study on Sundays may be the only reason we're still married after surviving dental school. I'm a big fan of the idea. Just saying....

The Former 786 said...

I also decided to not do homework on Sundays while attending school, and I saw miracles occur because of it.

Also, I just want to say that I think this post is fantastic. I never thought about this concept before, but I need to do better about my "time debt." I spend so much time doing "unimportant" things that I feel pressed and stressed when the "important" things arrive.

Thanks, Jeff.