Wednesday, July 20, 2011

wiggle your badiggle all over the place

one week, folks.
one week.

[pretend there's really stellar video here of them singing either "spring and a storm" (wouldn't load because it's over the 100 mb video limit on blogger) or the latter half of "good day" (wouldn't load because blogger's video function seems to be jacked entirely right now).  there's not even a picture of them up here because the picture uploading function is even less function than the video thing]

in a week, i won't need to try to post anything; the euphoria will be shining through my heart and illuminating across the interwebs.

sing songs you like to hear
and the world'll disappear


kwistin said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!!! =D

ps, those are the best lyrics you coulda picked for this post.

pps, i'm listening to good & evil all day today.

ppps. (!!!!!!!!)

Em said...

king of cryptic