Saturday, July 23, 2011

rolling in the deep

all i know about this movie is that
this guy's dog ate dark chocolate
in the hallway of the langford c building at a&m is displayed student artwork, the college equivalent of your mom's fridge.  a current display shows what seems to be illustrated self-portraits accompanied by a quote.  there are a couple that are executed rather well, the look and style of their image complementing strongly the quote.  most are just the girls trying to look cute and the guys to look disaffected and cool.  (actually, i can only think of one or two that come off like that, but it's easier to generalize things.)

one girl's contains more of a paragraph, starting off by saying that "poets describe love as something that you can't control.  that's how it was for me," she says, and continues by talking about how they were two opposites but they were in love and the like.  i really don't remember it, since i'm usually glancing at it as i'm late to class in the morning.  (note: upon actually slowing to look a little closer whilst passing by today, i saw that it was from the notebook.)

anyone who knows me knows that i'm a hopeless romantic at heart.  heck, i think was writing about that ooey gooey wonderful feeling just a month or so ago.  and yes, you really do just kind of fall in love and i seriously dig that twitterpated feeling and intended to work to refresh it throughout my future marriage.
but i really don't like the idea that love is "something you can't control."  yes, it's a wonderful and exhilarating fall, but follow that notion to it's logical end: if you can't control your falling into love, you likely can't control your fall out of love.

and that sort of recklessness isn't love.  that's infatuation.  for your seeds of love to actually blossom into serious dang awesomeness, at some point you need to take control and decide it's going to go on.  without any guidance or care, said feeling of "love" will topple over and lie on the ground like a tomato plant without one of those metal cage things around it.  eventually, love becomes a decision.  the fire will come back, but in the down times, you need to work to keep it going.  and that doesn't deromanticize it in the slightest.  a prize earned through determination and hard work is much more rewarding and admirable than something that just kinda happened without any real effort on your part.

...says the unmarried guy.

in complete unrelatedness, cake's "pretty pink ribbon" is my current buzz song.  i really haven't even paid much attention to what the song is about (despite pretty much being able to sing along with it), but i love the music.


kwistin said...

yes. yes yes yes yes yes. YES.


[ :) ... :( ... :-/ ]


The Former 786 said...

I think that caption below the embedded image on this post is the best encapsulation of that movie I have ever seen.

And I agree with your insights, Jeff. Even previously to literally falling, you have to make a conscious effort to jump.

Em said...

you head into a relationship knowing that, and you are miles ahead of 98% of people.