Sunday, July 24, 2011

revealing that the hall is the place that aims to please

i will never forget...
so last night i had a dream that i was sitting at the tally hall concert, waiting for the show to start.  we were at a much larger venue, one that had a capacity closer to 1,000 (a marked difference from this week's upcoming concert at the velour, which packs about 200 people).  we found our seats and were excited for the show to start.
the next thing i remember in the dream was being at church this morning.  never mind that i was still unshowered and scheduled to speak in sacrament meeting which was starting in five minutes, although that was bothering me, too.  far more traumatic, however, was that i had no memory of the previous night's concert.  i ran over to brandon (who was enigmatically both at my church and at the concert) and asked him what the show was like.
"i just remember being really happy," he said.
of course he was happy: he had been at a tally hall show, for crying out loud.  but i was crestfallen.  i remembered being there, waiting for the show to start, feeling the excitement in the air.  but that was where my memory stopped.  i had no recollection of them playing "good day" or "welcome to tally hall", no memory of me getting up on stage (i'll explain more about that later this week), nothing.  what was the point of being there if i afterwards had no memory to cherish of it??  it was like i had missed the whole thing.
this wasn't a dream, it was a nightmare.

and so came the relief this morning, when i groggily drifted back into consciousness and felt the realization that the concert is on wednesday and that i hadn't missed anything.
blessed sabbath morning.


Devin said...
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Allie said...

It's me on Jeff's blog!!!! You gonna come up here to the dallas one on my birthday too??? :)

(and i was the one that deleted the comment, it said it was from Devin, haha oops)

kwistin said...

golly gee, reading that gave me some traumatic feelings on your behalf.

tally hall.


Natalie said...

The other day I offered Clayton a banana for lunch. Jackson hopped up and ran into the family room--"Mom! Will you turn the Want a Banana song on the music player please mom?!" ...just thought you'd be proud.