Thursday, July 21, 2011

closing credits

i've often listed this as my favorite hymn, but i particularly love it in japanese. in the years shortly after my mission, i would sometimes pull out my japanese hymnal and sing all seven verses when i was troubled or bothered.  it's not that there's anything particularly special about the words in japanese, i just like it.
there was even a time during my study abroad in kyoto that i sang it to myself late one night when i just needed some comfort. the next morning my host family said they heard me but that i sounded good.

but this version here is probably my all-time favorite.

this is why you always stay for the closing credits of a movie.  : )
the first time i saw it, jack and i just sat the in the theater in peace and quietly soaked it in.
(new york doll is a movie worthy of your time anyway)


Jack said...

that was pretty dang. again.

The Former 786 said...

I had one of those hymns, too, in the mission. Sweet Hour of Prayer. Also, I really, really like New York Doll. Best non-seminary seminary video ever!