Tuesday, July 26, 2011

new adventures at h.e.b.

i had been putting off grocery shopping for almost two weeks.  i was running out of food, although i managed to continually surprise myself every time i would scrounge my fridge or pantry and find enough of something to get me through another day.

but i just had no desire to go shopping.  blah.  yet basic logic reminded me that i would have to confront this dilemma at some point.  what got me over it was someone pointing out that i needed a change in my general diet.  that, even though i was eating a balanced amount of foods, my body needed a different balance.  that sounded really appealing, actually.  i had trimmed down my time at the store by having a pretty definite path through the aisles, knowing precisely what i needed and getting the same thing every time.

suddenly, i was excited to go to the store now, even though i didn't have much time before i had to be back at school.
i spent more time in the fresh fruit section, looking at things other than bananas and got me some peaches (not as good as the ones my family used to buy from colorado, but NOTHING could be as good as those...)  i walked the aisles slowly, looking at the things i usually zoomed past, trying to think of what i could do with all of this foodstuff that i was seeing again for the first time.
i bought ham and sharp cheddar instead of my usual swiss and turkey pastrami (someday i'll be able to afford real pastrami), yogurt instead of cottage cheese, packaged seasoned tuna instead of the canned kind, bagels to make bagel sandwiches, a box of instant rice, a bag of frozen vegetables that was only printed in spanish, and a bottle of some chinese sauce, figuring that i'd find something to do with it.
the fresh meats section is one i usually don't have much contact with, since i don't have any specific recipes for such, they need to be used up within a few days, and my mind fallaciously connotes any dishes that would use fresh pork or chicken as taking longer than i have time for.  but, being bold, i bought a package of italian sausages.

being over-zealous as i cooked yesterday, i threw pretty much all of my new ingredients into the same frying pan yesterday.  it tasted alright (and certainly different!), but maybe half as many flavors would have worked better.
so yeah, i'm kind of excited about this now.


Leith said...

Yo inspire me. I'm lucky if I can get enough motivation to nuke a couple of corn dogs right now.

--jeff * said...

you make me feel better about myself.

The Former 786 said...

I think this philosophy could totally be applied to real life, man. I need to take slow walks down some different aisles - see what comes up.

Also, this sounds a lot like the "Opposite George" episode of Seinfeld. I think some good things are coming your way!