Friday, July 22, 2011

even as a little child

even in this picture, i'm
probably twice as old
as i'm acting these days
it's no secret that i often carry my lunch to school in a tin lunchbox (or whatever they're made from these days.)  i've been doing that since my sister and i were sharing a table at the cougar eat eight years ago.  but a few weeks ago i opened my drawer at school (essentially the grad school equivalent of those "cubby" boxes that kindergarteners have) and found a tin/aluminum/metal wall-e lunch box with note stating that it was from one of the girls in the department office (she said she found it for $2.  and she's married,  so don't get any ideas.)

as i'm running short on groceries and equally short on interest in going grocery shopping, i didn't much to pack this morning and so grabbed the smaller wall-e lunchbox instead of my usual nightmare before Christmas (which can easily hold two sandwiches, a banana, a bag of cherries, some potato chips, and three e.l.fudge cookies).

looking at my lunch today, i noticed that it consisted of two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, potato chips,  and cookies, all packed inside of a wall-e lunchbox with a can of yoo-hoo chocolate drink.

i am a seven-year old.


Jaime said...

you hoo is the BEST!!

The Former 786 said...

Dude, that lunch sounds delicious! And I love that you own not one, but two animation-themed lunchpails. You should seriously consider purchasing some Lunchables. Remember Lunchables? I sure do!