Friday, July 15, 2011

simply having a wonderful time

we're pretty much caught up at school.  the disney animation guy "finaled" most of our shots today, the remainders just have some minor tweaks needed.

i'm spending my evening at home, chiseling away at season 3 of the x-files, counting money from the viz drink fridge, wearing thai fisherman pants and a "i heart ny" t-shirt, eating leftover chicken fingers and a bowl of lettuce, listening to cake and mindlessly perusing the internet.

and deliriously enjoying every peaceful minute of it.

maybe i'll watch a silent movie.
if i feel like it.


kwistin said...

i really like this post.

so, uh, i just had a random thought.

i think nights like your tonight need to be recorded, just as much as all the crazy/spiritual/good/hard times. it's good to remember when we simply relax, just in case we forget how to, somewhere along the road.

and no, i've never said that before. ;)


The Former 786 said...

Season 3?!


Jose Chung's From Outer Space!

War of the Coprophages!

Great season. That's when X-Files really hit its stride, in my opinion.

Becky said...

Speaking of fisherman pants...I just pulled out several pairs from a storage box this afternoon, sighed, and thought about putting them in the get rid of pile (of course I put one pair aside to keep, because besides being Thai fisherman pants, they are good maternity pants, except they don't have pockets). If I should choose to part with a few pairs, do you want them? (one size fits all)