Sunday, July 31, 2011

rest from my labors

it should come as no surprise to any faithful readers here that i love teaching sunday school.  i've often said that, if president monsoon asked me what calling i would want for the rest of my life, i would ask to teach gospel doctrine without hesitation.
and i've more or less done that for about four years now, despite being in three different wards.  that's gotten me through all of the standard works and that's pretty dang.

as in most wards, there are two gospel doctrine teachers and we would alternate every other week.  except that a month or two ago, the other teacher in our ward decided to run off and get married to a nice boy.  fine by me, although i was a little surprised when the bishop passed me and said that they would probably wait to call a new teacher in the fall.
i love teaching; no problem there.

so, i've been teaching every single week for a couple of months now, i think.  pretty grand and all, but i was getting to the point where i wanted just one week off, where i could just relax.  now, i know that bishops and a lot of other callings work a lot harder than one hour a week on sunday and have a lot more to do, so i really can't complain.  even so, last week i approached the sunday school president and he offered to teach this week.
like a mother, i didn't want to be done with my responsibilities entirely, but today's simple break was greatly appreciated.


Jack said...

best calling ever, manfriend. and always nice to have a rest. it's been weird not having a calling where i get to teach.

Jaime said...

i, completely understand :)

verification word: howthine

The Former 786 said...

Too much of a good thing, man. Too much of a good thing.