Thursday, March 23, 2006

two colours

there are halls and doors and rooms
little whatifs scurry about
staying out of sight
but not out of sound
and shelves and shelves of books

i try to keep it clean and tidy
somedays visitors come
lately, it seems, not so much
and there are far more mirrors than i need
or want

a room with a piano bench
but no piano
another with accordian and shoes

some days it is cloudy, rainy, and overcast
there is no company, just me and the mirrors
even the radio gets bad reception
i want to remodel or sell the place entirely
my mansion

when the sun shines through
the walls glisten, and so do the floors
i sometimes throw parties
and it seems like everyone i know
is here having the time of their life


Em said...

Sounds esoteric. Is that because you need to be cheered up, or because you need to think deeply? I'm pretty good at the cheering up part. Lately I find the thinking deeply to be as hard as rocks.

-->jeff * said...

it's my attempt at poetry; seems like everyone else writes it, and i wanted a piece of the pie. there are a few lines i like in there, but it's no t.s elliot.

i just need to get out and have social interaction; being around people is really what it's all about--for me, anyway. whenever i'm around friends and awesome people, the sun shines brightly. plus, that keeps me from thinking too deeply.

and yes, you are pretty darn good at the cheering up part.