Thursday, March 09, 2006

complicated wiring

my morning included watching a half-dozen classic homestar e-mails.
my study at the library was nill productive, although an unplanned meeting with my sister proved far more fruitful that i imagined.

my trip home caused me to realize that singing [read: 'performing'] along to songs is one of my ways of relieving stress and outsourcing energy. it feels good.

becky and i discussed a conversation she had had earlier in the day with a wise person who told her several things that didn't make a lot of sense and left her 'pensive' for much of the day. [that's one of her favorite words; i haven't integrated it into my personal lexicon, but i like it nonetheless] our time together brought about several insights and understanding that were not paradigm-shifting in themselves, but just as universal truths are found in specific experiences, abstract concepts can apply to personal situations.

continuing with my theme of 'humans are complex', it is interesting to see how symtoms and reactions are often caused not by their immediate source, but by a less conspicuous hangnail a ways down the line. our worries are not always solved by looking at them, but sometimes by answering a much different question. i don't understand it much myself, but i think that is really cool.

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