Wednesday, March 29, 2006

reservior dogs

i go through a myriad of emotions while working on set. it seems like the hardest time for me is generally 3/4 through the day. if i can make it over that wall, i am alright. i didn't mind leaving at 2:30 last night. but when i got home at 4:30, i wanted my life back. it's only been two days, but it's felt like a month already. i slept for 5 hours, and i have to leave in 45 minutes to do the whole thing over again. the production is offering hotels for us, which i am going to take for the rest of the week.

i bought a new pair of $35 wal-mart boots before i left for strawberry reservior yesterday. that was the best part of my day.

em, you aren't missing anything. do not quit your day job.
i want a day job.


Anonymous said...

Scary! Interesting writings.

Em said...

Aw, thanks I guess.
You'll always miss what you no longer have.

Good luck with the sleep-deprivation. I guess the night shoots mean you're not available tomorrow night around 7? Kimball is going to be in town (from SoCal). If you perchance will not be working and not be sleeping then, let me know.

I bought a pair of red shoes at walmart once (at 2am, I was with Leith in the midst of a night shoot).... and then I wore them all the time afterward. I think I bought them because the shoes I was wearing were giving me blisters.... how ironic, how Walmart.