Tuesday, March 07, 2006

i'm a million different people from one day to the next

on one of the first days in 'into to film', dr dean duncan talked about judging movies.
how do we determine what is a good movie? can a movie's value be condensed into a ranking from zero to four bones?

everyone who reads this blog will describe me in a different way. many readers know me well, and some of you i know no further than a screen name, yet all of you have a different concept of who 'jeff' is.
i have been in situations where people probably thought of me as little more than a shy and quiet guy; others who briefly met me could say i was hilarious and the life of the party; someone would say i am responsible and dependable, while someone else would recommend you choose a different person for the job; i am kind, i am rude, i am confident, awkward, charming, boring, nervous, talkative, a good listener, smart, stupid, wise, panicky, creative, mediocre, sweet, a jerk, insightful, selfish, clever, arrogant, a leader, talented, friendly, reclusive, popular, a neurotic mess and stellar.
all in one.

c.s. lewis wrote, 'next to the blessed sacrament, the most wonderful thing you will ever meet is another human being!' i think of all the people i have met and have initially thought of them as one of those adjectives up there, only to get to know them more and see other traits to them.

my sister likes to say that a true friend is someone who knows all about you and likes you anyways. i think that those who know me best will see me in all of those descriptions up there, and yet have decided i'm worth it in the end.

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Em said...

I have an uncanny number of opportunities to be "preachy" about film at work... (1 little itty bitty perk) - and I love telling people that they should consider judging movies the same way they judge people....(which always gives them pause)... then I add "compassionately. You'll get much more out of them." That's a Dean epiphany I like to try to share with the world.

People like to categorize other people, it makes for less thinking and less guilt when making snap decisions. Unfortunately, I have never yet met a person who fit neatly into any category, because your list could just as easily describe anyone in a combination of their worst and best moments. We are, after all, deeply flawed gods in embryo.