Friday, March 31, 2006

jeff, jeff, jeff and jeff

it is quite fun to say hi to all the different jeffs we have on our truck.
four jeffs and three japanese speakers; not too shabby.

driving home down the canyon tonight and singing along to ray charles, i felt pretty cool; that this really can be a good job sometimes. and it's times like that when i wish i had someone i could call and just say, 'hey, things are awesome and that's pretty cool.' but i don't get reception up there anyway.

it's hard. it's long. you have to learn to let a lot of things just roll of you like water off a duck's back [i like ducks]. and oh is it cold. but my friend and fellow japanese speaker bruce wing loaned me a very nice marshmallow coat and i kept nice all night long.
i avoided having any concept of what time it was or how many more shots we had, trying just to work until they called wrap. and it actually came very suddenly: the 'martini' shot was up [the last shot of the night], with our camera on a big-a crane [the 'a' stands for 'awesome] and we were getting things blocked and set up when some dude [a producer-type, i think] walked over to steve the fun a.d. and said something and suddenly he called wrap and that was that. i think we had just hit 12 hours, which would have put us all into double time, and people who pay don't like that sort of thing.

and 'pay' is somehow a hassle that has fallen upon little non-union jeffrey here. our original loader went home yesterday after hurting his back and we got a new guy for today and tomorrow- a nice guy but pretty green. mr. original loader hadn't been keeping very accurate timecard records, and mr. green loader obviously doesn't know what our times were for the first three days, so the next runt in the order is the author of this amazing blog, the amazing goose. so that's another lovely chore for me to do by tomorrow.

i've been on a variety of shows, but this is one of the biggest things i've done, if not the biggest [still never saw that hyundai commercial--if you see a spot for some suv in the futurist salt flats, driving around giant steel pinballs and falling jacks, let me know]. the last feature i did had a pretty lame script. this one is no soderberg movie, but watching the scenes, it really does seem like an average tv drama. and that's kind of cool.

i would like to write more and go through a day on set, but my mind cannot string together enough memories of the past 15 hours into an adequately clever anectdote. so i will publish this, finick with it some, and go upstairs to my hotel room and sleep for 6 hours.

while these boots are keeping my feet surprisingly dry and usually warm, and i have learned how to walk and work in them without too much pain [i should have bought the size 11s], they must be hurting my heels more than i notice, because for the past two nights i have found myself walking into the hotel on my toesies without even realizing it, making me look a little dainty.

lastly, i would like to say that for as cool as brett shumway is ['very'], his 'byu shame' is lame.

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Beej said...

I think Simon and Garfunkel would have put it "I am a duck. I am a slooow moving bird" but that might not have sold as many records.

Be the duck, my friend. Be the duck.