Thursday, March 30, 2006

nice lunch

pretty cool, that the holiday inn express in heber city has internet for me.

today was a pretty good day, despite me never wanting to see a movie set again when i awoke this morning. but i had a good attitude throughout most of the day. and finding out exactly how much a 'union rate' is didn't hurt much either. i'm still looking forward to being done on saturday.

all sorts of wonderful musings have been going through my mind today, and now that i sit at the computer at 3:59 a.m., i cannot remember but a small percentage of them.

staying up here was a very good idea, and not just because that drive through parley's pass and around back to provo is a literal nightmare, nor because that would mean i only get 4.5 hours of sleep, or even because the production is going to reimburse me for the room. it is good because it keeps me in the film world mindset. it can be hard to spread myself across a demanding project such as this and then go home and see my other world. staying here at a hotel in the same general area as most of the people, it's good to let the other world go for a few days and give it my all here. things are easier when you commit to them fully.

this morning our 1st assistant director walked into the camera truck and i asked him how he was. he politically declined to answer out of caution of saying something he may regret. but the steam came up and he soon let loose a venting so full of curses it may have well be a robert deniro monologue. he thanked us for letting him vent, said he felt better, and came back in a few minutes later and gave me a hug. i felt cool.

i found out that our 'a' camera operator has worked all five seasons of '24'. and i talked with him. dang.

today at lunch, brett said what was one of the kindest things anyone could ever say to me; we were observing that we were halfway through the shoot [lunch on a wednesay] and looking at how the next few days don't look too bad [i'm still unsettled by how paula the script girl heartilly laughed at me when i said that], and i mentioned that yesterday i was feeling really sour. brett commented to the grips next to him that if jeff is sour, then you know it's been a really hard time, because he's so happy and upbeat that it takes a lot to get him down.

that was really cool.

::post script:: it is one of the coolest feelings when i see comments on my blog from people i do not know in any way. really kind of a trip. a trip i like. and it boggles my mind.


Alyssa Rock said...

Hey Jeff. I had dinner with Joel Remke last night. (I live in his parents' ward in Kansas.) He's here shooting a commercial. He says hi. :)

Em said...

Good to hear you sounding more upish. It really is a bad day when Jeff's having a bad day - I can vouch for that.