Wednesday, March 15, 2006

it's oh so quiet

usually the playlist on my computer is around 350 songs. yesterday i had fifteen:
'aftermath' by r.e.m.
'ant farm' by the eels
'wandering' by ben folds
'i need some sleep' by the eels
'the scientist' by coldplay
'climbing to the moon' by the eels
'p.s. you rock my world' by the eels
'evaporated' by ben folds five
'my beloved monster' by the eels
'leaving new york' by r.e.m.
'the hardest part' by coldplay
'last stop: this town' by the eels
'fix you' by colplay
'missing the war' by ben folds five
'mess' by ben folds five

*'aftermath' has one of my favorite lines in any song:
there is no doubt, it's this here now, and you close your eyes, he's not coming back, so you work it out, overfeed the cat
and the plants are dry and they need to drink, so you do your best and you flood the sink;
sit down in the kitchen and cry

*most of the cds in my collection sing either about the girl who loves you or the girl who doesn't love you. ben folds must be an actual person, because his songs are three-dimensional.
it's not just 'yes' or 'no'.
that's why i love it so.

*the eels make the sad sound beautiful.

when tyler is holding jack's hand, he pours lye on it, causing a chemical burn. jack's natural instinct is to pour water on it, but he is told that would only spread the pain. what he needs to do is to have tyler pour the vinegar on it to neutralize the reaction. and after only a few moments of excruciating pain and the lesson is learned, he does.
there are some good moments in that movie.

why is it so quiet?
i'm standing outside a broken phonebooth with money in my hand.


Em said...

I love that about Ben Folds, and also Ryan Adams and occasionally even Jason Mraz (On Love, In Sadness). I love songs that express the ups of the downs and vice versa, making music about more than just being dumped, being angry, or being in love... but rather all three at once... somehow.

-->jeff * said...

i always appreciate your comments; it's nice to get feedback of any sort, and often you provide a nice insight or affirmation of whatever it may be.