Monday, March 06, 2006

four thousand restaurants in the downtown area; i pick the one my father goes to

similar to the first story of 'the decaolgue', i learned a cruel lesson this morning, not to place complete trust in technology like tivo. i recorded the oscars last night and while watching them earlier today, noticed that i was nearing the end of my recording with several awards to go, namely best actress, screenwritings, director and picture. and just before the announcement for reese witherspoon was given, my recording ended. the horror!
at least i got to see dion beebe win best cinematography.

i turned on my computer, played 'what have i done to deserve this?' by the pet shop boys, and read the remaining results on
and a good five minutes on cures a multitude of frustrations.

i got a call from a good friend for a few days of work next week. my fingers are crossed that that stays around. and i'm finally making way on getting that thailand doc completed, which is very exciting. it feels good to have productiveness back in my life.

so freak out, if you want, and i'll still be here

don't call me for years, and when you do, yeah, i'll still be here

all you need is the thing you've forgotten

and that's to learn to live with what you are

while i have tried to outgrow quoting pop songs, as it never seems to do anything for anyone but the writer, i think i will be citing ben folds for quite a while [i'd like to be able to quote shakespeare, although t.s. elliot poetry about cats is the best i can do at the moment].

looking at my recent postings, many have been rather superficial- not a lot of soulbaring of late. when i do let go my emotional blue, i take a look at myself and see neurotic rantings. yet when i try to write of the light and simple, it seems jus that, with little lasting grace.
i have a hard time knowing when self-discipline and editing is wise and when it's just hiding yourself.

let forever be

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Em said...

Don't you worry Jeff, nobody can be an objective judge of their own writing, and blogging by definition is not a highly revised and edited form of writing. I, for one, like all your thoughts, serious and abstract alike... even the one's I'm not entirely sure I understand... They still make up an important and legitimate part of yourself, and you shouldn't have to always be stressing about putting up a coherent face to the world at large, it's too much work! (And what do you get for it? Not much)

Just thinking out loud.