Wednesday, March 22, 2006

but a passing post

my computer is dying.
every time i turn it on, i have hope and wish that it will start up without incident. that happens about 25% of the time. when the miracle doesn't come, i have to restart it or shut it down entirely and gamble again that the blue screen of death remains in whatever realms it resides.

i have backed up all of my important files onto my little flash drive.
if 'audrey iii' does explode, my entire life won't go with it.

so if becky and i don't go to ghana, any money i would save for that will be added to my funds and i may have to buy that new macbook pro sometime soon.
i wanted to wait until the end of summer, when they had gotten the initial bugs out, but necessity may dictate otherwise.

i got a call to work on a pilot all next week being shot at strawberry reservior, wherever that is. they pay union rates and even cover gas. thus, i didn't get to the library as soon as i would have liked, as i spent time polishing up my camera resume. i don't know what goes on a camera assistant resume--our very first semester, before we were even accepted into the department, we were taught how to make a resume, but that was by a theatre teacher. so i just used the new high-powered format i used when aiming for the business world.

otherwise, this is just a post.

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Em said...

Ah computers... someday I'll compile a book of poems I've written to computers. I think I'll call it "four-letter-words."

Currently ours doesn't like to turn on either, and when we try to shut it down it just restarts.