Monday, February 06, 2006

you really like me!

i regret that i do not have much time to write this evening.
but i am happy to say that....
  • i awoke at 6:30 this morning and was out of bed around 7. no great increase in productivity, and i didn't study my japanese like i planned.
  • i got asked to help a new girl in the ward get her keyboard working. after making my '24' group wait 30 minutes, i got the mouse to work, but no bluetooth keyboard. i think she just needs new batteries for it.
  • fhe was a great success this evening. in fact, i have never ever had a group that has been as supportive as ours, and every week is always a blast.
  • in related events, our '24' group gained another watcher this week. the show is serialistic, but o, we love it so.
  • after going public last night and having the realization that people are actually reading this, i felt uncomfortably exposed and stage frightened. but those who have commented on this have been positive. i presume that this means that the majority are sitting home in bewilderment, but i will take what i can get.

jon wrote me back today in response to the same question raised by garfield the cat back in the day when halloween specials were 2-D cartoons and were actually kind of scary. said the cat: 'what should i be?' much of jon's thoughts echoed what i jotted down last night, and i will conclude with that [after which i will search for an appropriate jpeg, set the tivo to record conan, and go to bed, because i am getting up at 6:30 again....]

24 vs. lost

not a critical thematic analysis of media a mirror of our times, though the title may seem, but rather a representative scenario of how i approach tasks and the ensuing rate of success.

[as a side note: after watching 'howls moving castle' on friday and 'castle in thes ky' on saturday, i think it would be a fascinating masters thesis to look at the auteur traits of miyazaki]

beej wanted to me to get into 'lost', a show which he loves. the premise sounds interesting enough, so i'm all for it. plus, it'd give us something to talk about and get excited over as the plot unfolds. but i wanted to do it right and watch the first season before jumping into the current second season. beej even kept as many of the second season episodes on tivo so i wouldn't miss a thing. but that equals about 30-some-odd hours of tv to watch. overwhelming, and thus far i've only watched the pilot and we've had to delete this season's off the machine to free up space for higher priorities like 'the office'.

conversely, my friends from fhe had me record '24' one night because our activity was going to overlap it, and '24' cannot be missed. whatever. so i did and we watched it and it was pretty intense and gave me nightmares that i was kidnapped by terrorists, but i thought it was cool and fun. and so we watched it the next week, and the next, and now it's a tradition to come over here and watch it every monday night. and i like that. jen and the other addicts fill in any major questions about who's committing treason this week and who killed who last season, but i can figure out enough to enjoy the show.

i have too many things in my life that i want to do perfectly and never get started on them. that which i do just to do it often turns out pretty well.

what a telestial world.

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Em said...

Too true, and a failing of lots of people like us. We want to do things right from the beginning, so we often put off getting started until we have time to do it right, and then our best intentions never materialize and we get depressed. Especially now that you are not getting graded I highly recommend doing things more just for fun... and maybe let that approach leak over into your dating habits. You'll have better memories if nothing else.