Saturday, February 25, 2006

reason #256 why i love my sister

last night i was sitting on the kitchen counter with my legs crossed, talking with my sister who was eating a tuna fish sandwich. i moved to jump down, and my slipper caught on the oven door, trapping my other leg in a sort of knot [the 'k' is silent]. with inertial momentum in charge, i teetered over and onto the floor, my knees meeting the floor first.
that hurts.
becky had turned to leave the room and looked back just in time to see her big brother crash onto the floor.
this was very funny to her.
i yelled in pain. she laughed.
i yelled and laughed.
she continued to stand there and laugh.
i yelled and laughed and choked on the chex mix i was eating.

later we laughed together.
i love my sister.


hairyshoefairy said...

Isn't that what siblings are for? To laugh at/with you.
Nice pic from "Singin'"

L'Afro said...

What are the other 255 reasons?