Tuesday, February 14, 2006

he told me not to worry // he told me just to take my time

it's been a nice day.
it's started out pretty murky; reading my scriptures, i felt like i was missing something. i read the Book of Mormon and the Bible and commentaries, but i was looking down, not up. the correlations between lehi's prophetic call and that of joseph smith weren't strengthening my testimony and filling me with the joy of the Glad Tidings [they usually do; i'm not being facetious here]. an honest prayer and some thinking later, i decided to forget myself and go forth with what i thought about doing today--i delivered some valentines and had fun. [emily, i regret that i did not get anything for you and renn; your valentine was very awesome and is much appreciated. i will plan trip to japan for you and be your personal guide whenever you need]

my roommate gave me this:

pink hair, pink roses, that color seems to follow me.

that cool, i like it.

here's something fun to watch-
happy valentine's day. cats are awesome

[sorry, the cat video is no longer available]


Em said...

No worries Mr. Jeff - consider it a Pay it Forward-esque thing. And thanks for the cats, they made me laugh. And for me to even smile after an ornerifying commute like I just had is miraculous.

hairyshoefairy said...

I like you blog. I found it through em. The cat clips totally made my day! Too funny. It's nice to hear a guy (besides my husband) point of view. Almost all the other blogs I read are women. My brother is on a mission and I don't live by my BIL anymore so I don't have much of that guy-friend interaction anymore. It's nice to read stuff from a guy with similar values and beliefs. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the world!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jeff. Laurie here. Happy hunting!

P.S. I don't look nearly as good in pink as you do.

-->jeff * said...

mle: glad it helped with your day. i hope you watched it again today; i heard the commute was many times worse.

shoefairy: i'm glad you like my blog. i think your screen-name is odd. and thank you for enjoying a 'guy's point of view.'
being a guy, i find myself partial to girls--i think they're neat. girls seem more interesting, i like their opinions and observations, and really enjoying being around them. with such admiration for the ladies, one can think that being a guy isn't that interesting. so it's nice to hear the other side's thoughts.

l'afro: i have started file on you. the investigation begins.

Shelley said...

Funny video Jeff! Good laughs all around!