Tuesday, February 28, 2006

a whisper down the line at 11:39

easy come, easy go: i got a call from a girl who i worked with on a hyundai commercial last summer, telling me there was a big warner bros. movie looking for a loader and that they would be calling me. grateful to have such good work, i started going through my gear, seeing what i had and what i would need to buy. an hour or two later, she called back, apologizing that they hadn't called, saying that there were some legal complications and that they had to use someone else instead; but she said she knew some other people coming in to town, and she was really impressed with my work and will continue to pass my name along.
and that's life in this business--one minute you have nothing coming, and the next you have work. and sometimes there is a third minute when the work you have vanishes.
but the strangest and oddest phenomenon is that as soon as you accept one job, one or two more will call you that day or the next and want you to work for the same days. i have had to turn down work on 'e.r.' and a three-day trip to costa rica because of such comic fates.
i can't wait until i get into business school and can have a desk job, where i sit at the same place every day for years.

like amelie and her parents, i enjoy emptying out my cd towers, organizing them, and putting everything back. i also enjoy listening to old cds that used to be 'staples' of my repertoire. fascinating how i haven't listened to cats in years, yet still know every word and some of the dancing.

lastly, i agree with jaime: the cool, wet overcast weather is wonderful.


Beej said...

Then there are the cubical dwellers (triangical dweller in my case) out there that wish we could have some variety in our workspace and schedule. Sure, security is nice, but looking out my window I sometimes wish I could be out in the sun.

Long live Dilbert!!!

Em said...

Grass is always greener.... but it's a good thing you can't have it all.... fabulous bohemian job and job security / medical benefits.... or you wouldn't appreciate any of it.

Hey, we all survived February! Maybe the grass will get greener.....