Tuesday, February 07, 2006

i love contact with humanity

driving home from byu today, radio was great. i heard oingo boingo's 'we close our eyes', then 'somebody told me', and then the long version of 'barbara ann'. wow, what a great day.
that led me to wonder, what is oingo boingo's best song? is it 'we close our eyes', or is it their quintessential 'dead man's party'? [which i am listening to as i type].

some questions don't have answers.

i visited another mba class today, and the demystification of the whole program continues. today's class was a sort of captstone seminar for the human resource people, of whom my friend kristin belongs. the speaker talked about restructuring workflow and showed what can be done to streamline the processes. in all honesty, it was really quite interesting, especially his conclusion--very few companies do this sort of organizational analysis, because they find that they need far less managers than they have.
if this sounds strange, imagine 'the office' without michael.

growing up in grade school, the basic model was this: we were presented with problems, we worked on them, and then the teacher had the correct answer, even for story problems. watching some cabel news channel today, there was talk about what to do with the families who were displaced from the hurricanes and that this was the biggest natural disaster in american history. lots of people are doing their best to remedy the situation, but there is no one holding the right answer for them to check their work against.
sitting in some of these business classes, i have realized that again: in the real world, there is no one with the right answers- that's now upon us to find the right answers and know that they are right.
that can be intimidating, but it's the same as going from theater rehearsals to opening night, and from shooting video with a monitor to shooting film and knowing that your exposure and contrast is dead on.

i didn't pull of a 6:30 morning today. my alarm/radio came on at that time [after beej's alarm going off yet again at 5:55 a.m.], and i lay in bed and listened to the morning show, as they were having an interesting conversation about the struggles teachers go through in the public school system. and at 7:30, the radio turned off, and warm blankets overtook determination for discipline. at 9:30 i realized that beej was actually home and got to enjoy my roommate long enough to get caught up on the few tv shows i watch.

seeing beej this morning, and then getting out and spending three hours in the tanner building feels great. having people to talk with and connecting with society really boosts my attitudes. there's even a big difference in myself between monday afternoons and after fhe. hopefully i will learn from this for the days when my wife is stuck at home with kids, and that i will be more sympathetic and understanding.

lastly, the superbowl was on sunday, and as proof that blessings come to those who keep the Sabbath, google has a lot of the commercials available to watch, download, and post. here is one of my favorites:


Beej said...

Well you know I'm an uber Boingo fan and my favorite song has always been We Close Our Eyes but lately nothing has me rocking out more than No One Lives Forever. I know it's dark but boy is it every fun to listen to.

But give me anything off the Dead Man's Party CD and I'm a happy camper!

Em said...

I think the key to staying sane is surrounding yourself with your own happy thoughts. Keep finding them....

Shelley said...

"We Close Our Eyes" definitely wins out that competition.