Sunday, February 19, 2006

turning saints into the sea, *sigh*

i was in japan, and we were having some sort of church meeting one morning. i realized i had forgotten my computer, and went outside to get it. my backpack was sitting against the apartment building. i opened it and pulled out the soft case that contained my laptop. as i did, i heard an omniscient voice say, 'go'. i remembered that the japanese army was launching a new shuttle that day and looked out across the street and over the ocean. off in the distance i could see the launch pad and the rocket, poised and ready to fire. 'yon, san, ni,' the voice continued to count down. 'ichi!' and then there was the sound of ignitition.
the rocket on the pad did not fire, but rather a missile came out from underneath the sea. it didn't look like any missile i had seen before: it was white and looked like the bottom third of a space shuttle rocket, flat at the top and flared at the bottom.
the missile rose out and into the air, then wobbled and tilted down, as though it didn't have enough power to continue pushing it up. people began to scream as it fell forward, eventually crashing into the sea, making a large splash.
then there was the sound.
the missile exploding underwater sounded like 'doom!'.
there were giant waves coming in from all directions, as though the ocean was as panicked as the people. water towered over the apartment buildings, creating rushes of water in the spaces between buildings. my only thought was to keep my computer above my head and out of the water. and somehow, i managed to do so.
when the waters subsided, i ran back into the building, looking for bishop johnson, or lindsay or ashly. it was dark, and i called out for them but no one answered. as i rushed around as carefully i could in a black and scared environment, i bumped into someone, who screamed. i think it was lindsay.

that's all i remember, but it was quite an odd dream to contemplate as i got up at 6 this morning to help shovel snow at the institute building.

last night i read the first seven or eight verses of first nephi chapter three. i noticed that lehi talked with his sons about what the Lord had shown to him in a dream.
while i wasn't seeking any specific answers, i prayed that i could receive some sort of revelation in a dream that night.

to the best of my understanding, i have only once received an answer to a prayer in a dream; it was the day of my wedding, and i was supposed to be marrying a girl from india. her family and my family were around us, rejoicing and celebrating, while i realized i didn't even know this girl's name, and didn't want to marry her. even after waking up, it was still a very unsettling feeling.

as i was getting dressed and remembering this odd dream of japan and missiles, i thought that if i did not know better, i might think it some sort of warning for the future. it made me grateful to know the order of things and how the Lord does work with His people. i know that God does not give warnings to the world through some guy in provo, utah.

as i write this now, i am glad i am not president hinckley. after a dream like that, and with his stewardship, i would wonder what to think.


Em said...

Do you ever say to yourself "I'm so glad that God is God and I'm not? - - I would mess things up so royally!".... Same sort of thing.

-->jeff * said...

admittedly, yes, i do find myself dreaming of omnipotency, all too soon realizing that i am already facing an adequate challenge of being the best jeff that i can be.